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An annotated bibliography does not always need a cover page. It usually depends whether it is stand-alone bibliography or a part of a paper and the citation style that is used. If you were ever asking yourself who can write my annotated bibliography, than here are some points you should know.The two major styles used in writing today are the Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

According to MLA, if the annotated bibliography is a part of the paper, than it does not require a separate cover page. If the annotated bibliography is the only part that is being submitted, then it should include a cover page, but there are no exact rules how should it look like. In this case it would be enough to follow the general MLA rules, according to which only header with the name/surname of the author, professor’s name, studying group and date is required.  An annotated bibliography containing descriptive or evaluative comment on the sources can also be called an Annotated List of Works Cited and these words should be centered. Each citation should be double-spaced, but without skipping place between entries. Each entry should begin from the left margin with a hanging intend of  0.5 inches.

According to APA format, 6th edition there is also no instructions particularly for annotated bibliographies, that is why general rules for any paper should be followed. According to APA general rules, the over page should begin with the running head with the title of the paper written in capitals. In the center of an upper half of the page a title should be written in upper and lowercase letters. It is recommended that the title contains no abbreviations and it is up to12 words in length, which is one or two lines. Under the title author’s name and last name should be written. Under the author’s name goes institutional affiliation, which represents a location, where this particular research was conducted.

According to the sixteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style that was released at 2010, all papers might include a separate title page or the title may be included on the first page of the text. Teacher should let you know about his specific instructions. If a separate title page is needed, the title of you work itself should be written in capital letters and centered one third from the top of the page. Several lines lower the name and surname of the author, class information and date of submission should be written.

Always make sure there is no page numbers on the title page.

Another popular writing styles include AMA, CSE, IEEE, Harvard and others. However, depending on your university requirements, there are no exact rules of formatting applicable to each particular case. Always double check with your instructor whether the title page for your annotated bibliography is needed and which are the exact requirements.

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